Avatair and Meraki Island are proud to be a part of the new Winter Holidays adventure game by Madpea in Second Life.

Search for Santa is an interactive grid-wide hunt with puzzle and story elements, and prize donations from twenty different designers in Second Life.

All you need to play the game is an interactive HUD that you can buy for $500 Linden Dollars from Madpea Vendor at Merak Main Store in Meraki Downtown.

Santa Winter Holidays Game Storyline

As in every Madpea Game, you are the protagonist of this story. You are an experienced anthropologist who has spent years studying the world’s cultures, religions, and specially holiday traditions. While studying at MadPea University, you become very interested in the myth of Santa Claus. You believe Santa is not only a story parents tell their kids to create a fake illusion to keep them well behaved. You have enough evidence to prove Santa’s existence. All you need is time to complete the task until January 31st.

Start the Search for Santa at Meraki Island downtown.