1. What’s so special about Avatair?

We don’t feel special. But we think it’s cool that we are the first airline in Second Life to offer their guests a whole immersive travel experience. Avatair makes the difference between traveling and transportation, and we have changed the approach to air travel in Second Life.

2. How do I book a holiday with Avatair?

You can book a Holiday with Avatair through our Facebook Page.. While booking, provide your complete SL username and total number of passengers and their usernames. If you don’t provide this info we will cancel your booking. Next, complete your payment in-world within the next 24 hours.

3. What are your payment options and accepted currencies?

Currently we only accept Linden Dollars as currency.

4. Do you have special promos and offer discounts?

Yes! Occasionally we do offer special promos on Facebook and in our Blog.

5. How many people can I bring with me to a holiday if I buy a Holiday Package?

You can bring a minimum of one guest, and a max of three guests with you for every Holiday Package of your choice.

6. Do you offer custom Holiday Packages for large Groups?

No. To offer a better dedicated service, we limit groups number to 4 total guests for every Holiday Package of your choice.

7. I love Facebook. Can I book a Holiday from Facebook?

Yes. You can book a Holiday with Avatair through our Facebook Page.

8. I don’t want to take the whole Holiday Package thing you offer. Can I just hire one of your pilots for a private flight?

Yes. We offer Private Flights with In-flight service included.

9. How does the “free charter flights for a life time” thing work?

When you book a Holiday with Avatair, you are invited to join our Group. There, we announce almost daily free charter flights, and ocasional special treats for our loyal travelers.