flight fear therapy

Flight Fear Therapy


Flight fear is part of an emotional experience and it is important to understand what your own fear is coming from.

In Avatair we use the Quick Coherence technique developed by HeartMath® Institute, and meditation, to easily create a state of coherence through a fun and relaxing virtual flight experience in Second Life that involves detaching negative emotions such as anxiety associated to flying, and visualizing your perception of flying in a positive way so that you can practice this technique prior and during your next flight in Real Life in order to achieve a coherent state where your thoughts and emotions are balanced and you experience ease and inner harmony.


Ground transportation to Hangar/Gate.
Pre-Flight Briefing.
 Flight Far Therapy and flight from International Airport to destination airport.
• Voice enabled is essential. Headset is better for the therapy.


• Price: Free.
• Duration: 60 minutes.
• Minimum Number Of Guests: 1.
• Maximum Number Of Guests: 2.
• Please book at least 48 hours before you want to travel.


While booking, provide your complete SL username and total number of passengers and their usernames. If you don’t provide this info we will cancel your booking.

This service is not available at the moment.

Remember to read our Safety Card before travelling.