private flight

Private Flight


Fly away from any international airport served by Avatair, to any international, regional, or domestic airport, airfield, or airstrip served by Avatair, in Blake Sea and Nautilus Continent.


Ground transportation to Hangar/Gate.
Private flight from International Airport to any airport, airfield or airstrip served by Avatair in Blake Sea and Nautilus Continent.
In-Flight Service.


• Price: Free.
• Duration: 30 minutes.
• Minimum Number Of Guests: 2.
• Maximum Number Of Guests: 4.
• Please book at least 48 hours before you want to travel.


While booking, provide your complete SL username and total number of passengers and their usernames. If you don’t provide this info we will cancel your booking.

You can book a flight with Avatair through our Facebook Page.

Remember to read our Safety Card before travelling.