Flight Safety


Avatar Weight

Please consider airport security gates are equipped with a script counter. No more than 2MB of total script weight is allowed per passenger in flight.

    1. ❊ To check your avatars script usage go to: World/About Land/Script Info/My Avatar.

❊ To reduce your script weight, detach HUDs, AO’s and poofers from your avatar, and detach scripted attachments such as: jewels, bags, heavily scripted hair, X-Cite, Lolas, heavy scripted mesh body parts, etc.

❊ Alternatively you can delete the scripts from your attachments at home before checking-in at the airport. Copyable items let you make copies so you can delete the scripts in a copy and wear it instead of wearing the original scripted attachment. This will not only reduce your script weight for flying but will also enhance your playing experience in Second Life.

❊ While in the aircraft always remain sit.


Grid Technical Conditions

Second Life technical issues such as rolling restarts, lag, and sim crossing connectivity, are out of our control. We always conduct test flights before scheduled air travel events to make sure the grid runs smoothly. Still we can not guarantee that there will be no technical issues during flights.

In case of disrupts or halts during flights, we will assist passengers in rescue boats or teleport them to another location to start over the flight or to abort the event if technical conditions are not optimal to fly. In such cases the event will be rescheduled.

Second Life Grid Status Website.


    1. ❊ Wear the life vest and parachute provided by our Staff. These items are included (among with other goodies) in the Avatair Traveler Kit available at Avatair Hangar in Second Norway Airport.

❊ Having reached jump altitude the pilot will alert and eject each passenger out from the aircraft. Do not stand-up from your sit at any time during the flight.

❊ A minimum height of 3200 feet (1km) must be reached for a good skydiving experience. Open your parachute approximately at an altitude of 400 meters (1000 feet). This will give you enough time to enjoy the view and maneuver the chute to land.

❊ To open the Free Terra E-Chute parachute type the word PULL in public chat. To open Dani Airplanes Parachute press the Page Up key on a PC, or Command+Up Arrow key on a Mac. If you have enabled the “Pressing Letter Keys Affects Movement” option in your viewer you can also open Dani Airplanes Parachute by pressing the E key.

❊ If you land on water or an inaccessible area wait for the pilot to rescue you. Our helicopters are equipped with a rescue system with harnesses and stretcher. Just try to keep it as realistic as possible and avoid teleporting or avatar-flying during tours.


Viewer Settings

For a good experience during your holiday we recommend to set the following parameters in your viewer settings:

    1. ❊ Me/Preferences/Sound & Media/Media: Disabled.

❊ Me/Preferences/Sound & Media/Streaming Music: Enabled.

❊ Me/Preferences/Sound & Media/Voice Chat: Disabled.

❊ Me/Preferences/Graphics: Low/Mid.

❊ Me/Preferences/Graphics/Draw Distance: 192.

❊ Me/Preferences/Graphics/Max. Particle Count: 2048.

❊ Advanced/Show Debug Settings: rendervolumeLODFactor: 2.000.

❊ For Skydiving, Sailing and other daytime activities set your environment settings to: World/Sun/Sunset.

❊ Recommended Sky Preset: [NB] Sepia 0800.

❊ For Fireworks, Hosted Dinner and other nighttime activities set your environment settings to: World/Sun/Midnight.