hosted dinner

Hosted Dinner


Hosted dinner with AVATAIR. Fly away to a beautiful island in the woodlands to enjoy a pleasant dinner time at La Gamba Negra restaurant, and fly around in an air balloon to a magical place.

Restaurant La Gamba Negra (Seafood)
In a beautiful Island in the woodlands fishermen sell their fresh products every day to local inhabitants. By the docks, a rustic hangar turned into a cosy lounge, hosts a worth to try seafood restaurant frequented both by locals, sailors and travelers.


Hosted Dinner in seaside restaurant.
Hot Air Balloon Flight.


• Price: L$1500 Linden Dollars.
• Duration: 90 minutes.
• Minimum Number Of Guests: 2.
• Maximum Number Of Guests: 4.
• Please book at least 48 hours before you want to travel.


While booking, provide your complete SL username and total number of passengers and their usernames. If you don’t provide this info we will cancel your booking.

Please complete your payment in-world within the next 24 hours to avoid cancellation (Notice all prices are displayed in Linden dollars).

This service is not available at the moment.

Remember to read our Safety Card before travelling.